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E-NABLE is a three-year project funded by the European
Union and implemented by Expertise France
It aims to improve the capacities of key Libyan economic

  • Strengthening the capacities of the Ministry of Economy and Trade and related stakeholders in designing public policies for economic diversification.
  • Contributing to leveraging digital innovations for inclusive and sustainable development in Libya.
  • Encouraging financial institutions to extend credit to the private sector and provide financial tools and solutions to SMEs.



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What Our Partners Say
  • José Sabadell

    EU Ambassador to Libya

    Economic governance going digital is key for Libya’s private sector to develop and the economy to grow. E-governance makes government services quicker and more efficient. We heavily invest in digitalisation in Europe and we cooperate with partners around the world to bring the digital transformation forward – also in Libya.

  • Abdulbaset Albaor

    Director of the General Information Authority

    Good governance and services start with data. That’s why we have worked with Expertise France to develop eJraat. We’re working on providing other digital services that will contribute to making data even more accessible and reliable through the support of the E-NABLE project.

  • Mussa Zubeik

    Director of the Private Sector Development and Investment Department at the Ministry of Economy and Trade

    Working with Expertise France has supported us in creating a conducive environment for Libyan businesses. We’re continuing these achievements by digitalizing the processes in Libyan economic institutions with the support of the E-NABLE project.

  • Mohamed Ben Katheer

    Director of the General Commercial Registry Office

    The digitization of business registration through a single window is essential to accelerate business creation and create an enabling environment for economic diversification that serves all sectors. We are currently working on this in the Commercial Registry office with our partners in the E-NABLE project.

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