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Who we are ?

E-NABLE is a three-year project (2022-2025) funded by the European Union (€5M) and implemented by Expertise France.

E-NABLE utilizes the expertise acquired by Expertise France in Libya over the past several years while building on the World Bank’s analyses and OECD studies to brace the transition towards digitalization and supports the foundation for a dynamic, diversified economy and a competitive private sector in Libya .

E-NABLE consists of three main components :

  • Strengthening the capacities of the Ministry of Economy and Trade and related stakeholders in designing public policies for economic diversification.
  • Contributing to leveraging digital innovations for inclusive and sustainable development in Libya.
  • Encouraging financial institutions to extend credit to the private sector and provide financial tools and solutions to SMEs.


    The overall objective of the action is to improve the capacities of key economic institutions for sustainable, diversified, and digital economic recovery to institutionalize the private sector’s economic growth with the support of both private and public sector organizations.

    Specific Goals :

    • Improving Economic database to allow decision makers to access macro-economic indicators for economic diversification and private sector development.

    • Designing and implementing inclusive and participatory strategy for economic diversification.

    • Improving knowledge and capacities for enabling business environment and facilitating private sector development.

    • Increasing use of digital technologies in the Libyan economic institutions.

    • Establishing a well-structured leasing company to offer wide range of benefits to Libyan SMEs.

    • Restructuring the Credit Bureau and creating a conducive environment for microfinance in Libya.

    • Supporting the Central Bank of Libya to create a favorable environment for fintech.


    The European Union

    is made up of 27 Member States, which have decided to gradually pool their know-how, their resources, and their destiny. Together, over a period of over 50 years of enlargement, they have built an area of stability, democracy, and sustainable development, while maintaining their cultural diversity, tolerance and individual freedoms. The European Union is determined to share its achievements and values with countries and peoples beyond its borders.

    Expertise France

    is the French public agency for international technical assistance. It aims at contributing to sustainable development based on solidarity and inclusiveness, mainly through enhancing the quality of public policies within the partner countries. Expertise France designs and implements cooperation projects addressing skills transfers between professionals. The agency also develops integrated offers, assembling public and private expertise in order to respond to the partner countries’ needs. In Libya, Expertise France is implementing a range of projects in the economic sector including EU4PSL, PAMRI, and Raqam-e, which have successfully contributed to raising awareness about entrepreneurship and coding, supported the private sector, engaged and empowered CSOs and women entrepreneurs, and facilitated access to finance.

    Libyan Partners

    E-NABLE project partners up with different Libyan economic and financial institutions, stakeholders and public and private companies to achieve its objectives and goals.
    These partners include: the Ministry of Economy and Trade, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Planning, Minister of Foreign affairs and International Cooperation, Tax Authority, Chambers of Commerce, General Information Authority, LIPTIC, Central Bank of Libya, SMEs and public and private Tech and Telecommunication companies in Libya.