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Supporting Libya’s Digital Security with a New Training Program

A specialized IT security training program kicks off in Tripoli on April 28th. It targets information technology (IT) teams from key government institutions: the Tax Authority, Ministry of Finance, General Information Authority, National Information Security and Safety Authority, and Ministry of Interior. The program runs for two weeks and concludes on May 9th.

Mohamed Ouardi, a cyber security expert from GO MY CODE, a leading tech company, will lead the training. The curriculum covers crucial topics like cybersecurity, network fundamentals, and risk management. This initiative aims to strengthen Libyan institutions’ IT and security capabilities to achieve a smooth and secure digital transformation for Libya.

By gaining valuable knowledge and skills, participants will be empowered to protect sensitive data, minimize cyberattack risks, and boost the efficiency of digital operations across government agencies.

This training forms part of the E-nable project, funded by the European Union and implemented by Expertise France. The E-nable project supports the digitization and diversification of the Libyan economy.