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Green & Blue Economies: A Skills-Based Approach to Job Creation in Libya

The Libyan Planning Institute hosted a collaborative workshop with the Ministry of Planning on Thursday, March 7th, 2024, focusing on Boosting public and private sector employment through skills related to the green and blue economies.

The workshop tackled key challenges and commonalities within these economies. Local environmental experts, known for their data-driven presentations, led discussions on green and blue economies in the context of sustainable development goals. Expertise France’s team provided an overview of past and ongoing projects with local partners and with the support of the European Union, highlighting their green and blue economies-related activities, which the Ministry of Planning will lead with technical assistance from Expertise France.

Attendees included Dr. Al-Taher Belhassan (Planning Institute Director), Dr. Nouri Al-Shater (Ministry of Planning Undersecretary for Sustainable Development), Mr.Mohamed Suweed (Ministry of Foreign Affairs), Dr. Al-Taher Al-Juhaimi (sustainable development expert), Mr. Muhammad Al-Aswad (Expertise France Deputy Director of Programs), and a diverse group of interested parties: experts, association representatives, and specialists from environmental and sustainable development research centers.