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Libyan Digital Lab Participates in New Training Sessions Following the Study Tour in Paris

New training sessions for the Libyan Digital Lab took place in Tunis on the 3rd-4th of September 2023.

The Digital Lab was established as an initiative supervised by the General Information Authority with technical support from the E-NABLE project, funded by the European Union, and implemented by Expertise France. This initiative aims to keep pace with digital transformation and work with all state institutions and technology stakeholders to deploy modern technologies and information systems to support digital transformation and innovation in different sectors throughout Libya.

The digital lab team was headed by Mr. Abdel Basset Al-Baour, President of the General Information Authority, and among those attending was also Mr. Mohammed Al-Aswad, Deputy Director of Programs at Expertise France in Libya.

During this training, the team followed up on the latest developments in the analysis and inventory of innovations and technical solutions on the ground.

The training included presentations by lab members on their work during the past period. Workshop supervisors Mr. Patrice Azan – A digital projects expert at the French Ministry of Finance, and Mr. Perica Sucevic – an expert in digital law, reviewed and summarized the lessons learned from the study tour that the team took in Paris last June to learn about and benefit from the different digital tools used to implement the French national digital strategy.