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Expertise France Shares Lessons Learned from EU4PSL for Future Support Programs in Libya

Tripoli, 26th of September 2023, Expertise France has released ten factsheets that summarize the best practices and lessons learned from the European Union’s program for the development of the private sector in Libya: EU4PSL. These factsheets are a tool to promote a culture of learning and reflection, aiming to share the tools, mechanisms, and processes put in place for the implementation of the project while providing a valuable resource and return of experience for future support programs in Libya.

The factsheets were developed with particular attention to the perspectives of beneficiaries and implementing partners. A series of thirteen interviews, three focus group discussions, and ad-hoc validation consultations were conducted over four months to reflect on the best practices, strengths, and challenges faced during the implementation of EU4PSL.

The European Union-funded project, EU4PSL, achieved significant results. Among them were the support for economic institutions, digitalizing and simplifying business administrative procedures, facilitating funding for entrepreneurs, empowering women and youth, and supporting the integration of entrepreneurship within the educational system in Libya. These initiatives are summarized in addition to many others in 10 factsheets describing the steps of implementation, challenges faced, and how to mitigate them while highlighting areas of improvement for the design of future relevant support projects.

As an example, one of the findings of the factsheets states that it is most effective to collaborate with local CSOs when implementing programs to support women’s empowerment as they have a strong understanding of the needs of their communities.
The anticipation and adaption of the program design to the specific social and financial barriers women face in different Libyan regions are crucial for such programs’ success.

Expertise France is committed to sharing our knowledge and experience with the development of the Libyan public and private sectors. The ten factsheets we have released today are a valuable resource that will help donors, projects’ implementers and other partners to replicate our successful activities and increase the positive impact on the Libyan economy.” said Julien Schmitt – Country Representative and Programs Director at Expertise France in Libya “Theses factsheets highlight the importance of collaboration and coordination between stakeholders, and provide practical advice on how to overcome the challenges we have faced along the way”.

The European Union and Expertise France’s ability to create a sustainable positive impact on the ground depends on reciprocal effort from external stakeholders and implementing partners. Creating clear structures and processes for successful initiatives and pointing out the potential for improvement leads to increased stakeholder engagement and paves the way for the effective design and implementation of future impactful programs with tangible results on the ground.

The factsheets are available to read or download here.