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Meeting at Central Bank of Libya to Discuss Progress of E-nable Project

On Monday 11-09-2023, a meeting was held at the Central Bank of Libya, chaired by the Governor of the Central Bank, Mr. Siddik Omar Al-Kabeer, and in the presence of a group of directors of departments and advisors at the bank and a delegation from the European Union, headed by Mr. Horia Nagacevschi – Head of the Political Department and Chargé d’Affairs of the Mission, and a delegation from Expertise France headed by Mr. Julien Schmitt – Country Representative and Programs Director, and the representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Mr. Mohamed Sweid, to discuss the progress of the implemented projects with the Central Bank of Libya regarding enhancing access to finance to improve the business environment within the E-nable project funded by the European Union, the attendees also discussed upcoming activities and the aspirations of the Central Bank of Libya for technical support in the next phase.


The Central Bank Governor thanked the European Union Delegation and Expertise France for the technical support provided. He stressed the importance of the practical application of the achieved results, with a focus on electronic payment, the use of modern technologies, and the integration of artificial intelligence into the bank’s system to create sound databases and keep abreast of the latest findings of the banking systems around the world.


For his part, Mr. Horia Nagacevschi – Head of the Political Department and Chargé d’Affairs of the European Union Delegation, stressed the importance of partnership with the Central Bank of Libya and the mission’s commitment to supporting economic diversification and enabling banking services to support investment and advance the Libyan economy.


Mr. Julien Schmitt, Country Representative and Program Director at Expertise France, added that Expertise France appreciates the fruitful partnership with the Central Bank of Libya, which resulted in many concrete results, such as creating a suitable environment for financial technology and leasing, supporting the credit information center and establishing a unit to support small and medium enterprises. He confirmed the continuity of the work accomplished with the Central Bank of Libya through the E-nable project and upcoming projects focusing on building capabilities and skills to enhance local competencies and achieve sustainable development.